Finally onward

Lily keeps bringing up this family that ghosted her on her last birthday. I still had a connection with someone involved with that family so I sent a couple messages about it and asked what he thought. Left on read. Waited a day. Got curious. Looked at scrollback. Realized I had sent a bunch of messages, including some i felt was important.. over the months since I moved away from their neighborhood…. All ghosted.

So I told Lily, listen. They ditched you on your birthday without even a reason why. Never messaged again. Now I realize Mr B hasn’t responded to a single message I’ve sent since then, especially the question about your birthday and what’s going on with them. They’ve clearly chosen not to be in our lives, I’m sorry.

Maybe she’ll stop enthusiastically talking about them almost every week, if not multiple times a week, when they’ve made it clear they don’t want to be involved with us for whatever reason.

Soraya 1-4

Below is day one or so.

01 – 04
Bad Day . Bad Morning
Overdue . Aftershocks
Written by Erik Smith
Edited by Danie Greenlee

The stories under the “From Below” series all take place in the same fictional universe, named the Pondiverse. Italics indicate it is the characters thoughts. Many entities in the Pondiverse can communicate telepathically, and will be indicated in various ways as it happens. Some examples being when a character hears another speaking without being physically near them, or is mentally speaking to. Those who were born and raised below have multiple thought access abilities that are essentially thought connection to a massive information database. It is most comparable to the internet if you strip out all of the less factual bits ranging from blogs, news outlets and social media.

FROM BELOW . Soraya . 01 . Bad Day
I have six minutes. Six minutes and I’m out of this factory. I’ll be going to the surface for the first time in years. I had a long list of places I wanted to visit over the week I spent on the surface. I had been planning it for the last eight months or so. Eight months ago, roughly, was when I was granted this leave to the surface. I’m pretty fixed now on – My thought process is interrupted by a voice.
“Are you daydreaming, Soraya?” I hear Vance say as he walks by me towards the control console down the line.
“When am I not daydreaming?” I respond mentally, firing him a smile. Vance is a six foot eight inch tall man with very thin brown hair. He has a widow’s peak and very little hair left on top. His frame reminds me of a skeleton which has had enough pairs of clothes thrown on to almost look alive. He walks with a long stride, legs cut so high in his body he may have been slated to be a woman in the womb.
“Are you excited for your vacation?” he asks verbally while checking consoles on a junction down the line from me.
“Thanks for helping me practice speaking verbally,” I respond with my voice. “I wasn’t sure it was sounding right. I am very excited.”
“I spent a couple hours reading out loud to myself the first night you asked me to help you practice. I didn’t want to be a useless vocal partner!” he says with a kind smile before waving and walking away down the line.
I smile to myself and look up and down the line, making sure every run of goethite threading is smooth and properly aligned. As they are, I find myself spacing off again. I don’t know if I’m going to meet some of the guys I know from online, or if I’m going to stop into various bars until I see one I like and just smile at them. I’ve heard guys up top are more lead around by women than the ones down here. I look down at my large breasts as they press against my uniform top and smile.
“Do you ever wonder what they’re thinking?” I hear Vance say in my head. I jump and turn, seeing him passing by behind me in the direction of the head of the line.
“Fuck off!” I respond mentally, straightening my posture and falling into fantasies of how many times I hope to get off per day while gone.
Suddenly the single solid beep echoes through the entire complex, signaling the end of the work day. I look and verify the goethite threading stopped in perfect lines, limp on the runs. They did, as they always do. I collect the few belongings I brought in with me and glance around the factory. Nobody. Everybody I can usually spot across this compartment is gone. I’ve got to get out of here.
I stand in front of the mirrors in the locker room. Everybody has left for the weekend. I hold back my urge to strip naked and look myself over here. Instead, I gather the rest of my things from my locker and scurry through this section of the city to my apartment.
Setting my things down on the table next to the door, I release a long comforting sigh of relief. Before I even start breathing in again I make my way towards my bathroom, leaving a trail of discarded clothes behind me. Standing in front of my grouping of mirrors covering the entire side of the wall across from the sink mirrors, I look over my entire body. Almost a milky white pale skin, as everyone who was born and raised below exhibits. My breasts are huge but with age, are now teardrop shaped. My shoulders are smoothly curved and accentuate my collar bones beautifully. My neck is long and elegant up to my oval jawline. My chin is small and round, matching perfectly with the oval jawline. My lips are fairly small and match my small mouth. My nose has a round tip and a fairly long bridge. My eyes are huge, larger than one would expect to find on a human. Though, with my long eyelashes and crystal blue eyes, the size is usually the second or third thing noticed. Looking down at my breasts I must change that to third or fourth.
I look back up at my nicely formed, modest black eyebrows. I skim over my smooth forehead and look at my flowing black hair. Even after a day of standing around in a factory, it still looks like I brushed it five minutes ago. I lean my head forward and shift it from side to side, looking at the barrettes I put in the sides to hold it away from my face and ears. My gaze shifts to my ears, so small and cute. Seeing them always makes me smile. My smile, one of my favorite features. My cheeks are round and my smile lines down my jaw, mixed with my dimples between my cheeks and the corners of my mouth, I couldn’t ask for better. I am happy with my appearance. My teeth have been kept white, and have always been straight. I raise my arms up and stretch my body. My eyes travel down past my breasts to my stomach and hips. My stomach looks flat like this but is usually a little pudgy. I do 400 crunches a night after jogging for an hour on the treadmill. Though I make it hard to lose the extra weight by catering to my love of sweets and too much seafood.
My gaze travels down to my hips, where I see the same telltale signs of eating for pleasure and not for being slim. Though, my waist is quite slender. I look myself over from top to bottom. Curves like Jessica Rabbit. And they still look damn good as long as I keep my bra on. I really shouldn’t be so self-conscious about my breasts. Gravity and thirty two years will do that to you. I guess only about nineteen years of actual breasts for gravity to pull on. Whatever!
“Have you left yet?” I hear an old friend ask. Gary is someone I grew up with. We went to school together and he helped get me out of the food service assignment I originally qualified for and helped me earn double the credits at the factory. It’s a bottom rung job, but even that pays double of what the food dispensary did.
“No, I am getting ready to now,” I respond mentally.
“I’m coming to see you off,” I hear him state firmly. Oh, great. I hope he doesn’t get clingy and cry as the tube closes.
“Let yourself in and use the entertainment equipment. I’ll be out in a little while,” I respond as I close and lock the bathroom door. Why did I do that? He’s not going to rape me. I reach and unlock the door, feeling guilty for the unknown act of distrust.
I push the button to activate the shower and look myself over once more in the mirror. Definitely leaving the bra on any chance I get to have sex this week. I pinch the skin in between my nipples and my collar bone and lift my breasts up a few inches to where they once naturally rested. Then I release and watch them drop down. Definitely a bra on week.
I step into the shower and turn my back to the water stream. I lean my head back and start saturating my hair before I use shampoo. I start washing my hair and drift off into thought. I really wish Gary wouldn’t have remembered I was leaving until I was already gone. And I wish I had locked the door. Do I really care if he’s offended for some creepy reason that I locked the door while in the shower, knowing a nice but really weird dude was on his way over? Whatever. Maybe he’ll give me a handful of surface money for me to play with. As long as he doesn’t pretend like he is joking and ask for a blowjob or handjob in return. Every time he does that with the joking tone in his voice and desperate expression on his face, I just want to puke on him.
I force myself to stop thinking and focus on enjoying the shower. As I feel the hot water running down my body I realize my pussy is throbbing from the entire work day of daydreaming about different types of guys I could possibly fuck over my vacation. I wonder how many minutes I have… No sooner did I finish that thought do I realize my right index and middle finger are gently running circles against my u-spot. I turn and lean my back against the wall, putting my left leg up into the corner of the shower so I can get good access.
Pushing my head back against the wall I can feel the first small wave flow through me as I start to cum. I begin massaging my breasts with my left hand while I slip my pointer and middle finger into me with my right hand. I cum again immediately and can feel the buildup towards orgasm well underway. I want to have a huge orgasm as fast as I can to get it out of my system, now that I’m traveling that road.
I find myself moving to stand in the middle of the shower, then kneeling down. I spread my legs apart so I can get good angles on digital penetration. I glance up for a moment and glare at the shower head. I will buy one of you that come off. I will. Fuck, what if I’m yelling like I’m in here getting murdered when he gets here?
I get up and turn off the shower. I shake all the water off me I can and take a few deep breaths. I can clearly feel my legs shaking.
“Sorry, I’m just getting into the bathroom. Hopefully when you get here you won’t have to entertain yourself all that long,” I think to Gary.
“Not a problem. I’m still fifteen minutes out, easy,” I hear him respond.
“Glad to hear! I don’t want to be a bother,” I respond. This is great! I carefully exit the shower and open the cupboard under the sink. I get down on my knees and slide the false panel to the side in the back. Hmm, which, oh there’s no question. As I looked over the toys I have stashed here, the debate is over as soon as I see the larger of the two suction cup dildos. I wrap my arms around the base of it with one hand and remove it while closing the cupboard with the other. Before I can even process my own movements I have it stuck to the center of the shower floor and am turning the shower back on.
I lean back against the wall of the shower and close my eyes, biting my lip. I push my head back against the wall and start nervously nibbling on my lips as I massage my breasts with both hands. I can have a few big ones in fifteen minutes with you. I open my eyes and look down at one of my favorite toys. Why didn’t I think of you the moment I got in here, however much pain you bring the first few minutes using you each time. As soon as I recall the pain I feel my own fluids joining the shower water running down my legs. I lean my head back again and move a hand from my breasts down to my clit. I rub it hard and fast in a circular motion, making my legs tremble once more.
I put my left foot flat against my knee as I hope my right foot keeps proper traction the next couple minutes. I find my hands going on autopilot as the hand on my breasts moves up to grip and squeeze my neck. The hand rubbing my clit has moved both my middle and ring finger all the way into my pussy, rubbing my gspot as it flares up. The same hand with fingers in my pussy also is apparently taking special care to rub the base of the palm hard against my clit with every motion the fingers make.
As I feel myself gripping my fingers in strong pulsating motions, mind long lost in fantasies of shifting faces, tongues deep inside me, I start eyeballing the large dildo suctioned to the middle of the shower floor. Once the small scale orgasm ends I carefully put my left foot back on the ground and stand with each foot on either side of the dildo.
Slowly lowering myself down, I steady myself with my left hand on my left thigh and my right hand rubbing soft circles on my now engorged clitoris. Nearing the tip of the dildo my right hand moves to grip the center of the dildo. I rub the head back and forth, just inside my lips. Wow, this feels so much wider than I remember. The moment the word “wider” went through my head, I feel like I am watching myself from the outside as I slowly descend down it.
The all too familiar pain hits me. It feels more like instant bruising starting on the insides of my pelvic bone than actual vaginal pain. But the pleasure of being stretched out like this keeps my descent steady. As I have flashes of wondering if I’ll make it to the base right away, I feel it bottom out. I am now gripping the tops of my knees and leaning forward a bit for balance, gritting my teeth as I push myself down a little harder. The sheer volume of pleasure, despite the pain, as I push the head of the dildo into and against my a-spot makes me instantly start to cum. I hold myself still almost entirely, but to shake myself a little up and down what I already have in me as my cumming turns into a second small orgasm. I am driven to sit still from the now lessening but sharpening pain of being stretched open this far, but can’t stop shaking myself up and down this gloriously thick dildo.
Once the orgasm starts to subside, I reposition myself on my knees and lean forward, placing my hands on the shower floor in front of me. I position myself so the water is mostly hitting my ass and the dildo while I slowly start sliding up it. Once I feel the head flirting with my lips I lunge backwards again, forcing it into me.
“Oh shit,” I yelp, accidentally smacking my cervix with it, having tilted my ass wrong on the way back down. I stop and grit my teeth hard as the pain finishes shooting through my abdomen and ultimately my fingertips and toes. I take a few deep breaths. As the pain subsides and reveals the pleasure of being stretched open which was still present underneath, I slowly slide the head back out to my lips.
“You tricky bastard,” I mumble out loud, cursing the cervix for its design. I realize I’ve slid down and back up the dildo a few times while I was cursing my cervix. It quickly becomes difficult to do anything but focus on the rising pleasure building at my core. I shift all my weight to my knees and carefully start riding the dildo while squeezing both of my breasts harder and harder.
I lean my head back to rinse the sweat building on my face as I feel my own lube has made it so smooth that the pain is entirely gone. Knowing this cunt of mine has finally stretched itself out to accept this good friend all the way inside me, I pause very briefly. I switch my weight from my knees to my flat feet and put my hands flat on the shower in front of and below me. I start riding it faster and faster, slamming it hard into my a-spot, carefully missing my cervix with every thrust. The slight sound I could hear myself making previously is now straight up splashing and thumping every time the dildo’s balls slam into my clit.
I look down and see my little woman is fully flowered and a pool of my own cum has already started forming on the side of the base not getting any real water flow from the shower. I feel several small orgasms come and go, between impossible to count chains of cumming one time after another. All the while I feel a huge orgasm growing from what feels like the tips of my nipples all the way down to the tips of my toes. My hands and arms are losing feeling with how much pressure I’m putting on them with my torso as I use my legs to push myself up and almost off of this dildo. Gravity is now doing the work for the return trip and the hard hits against the firm plastic balls has my clit looking as if it was literally the size of a man in a boat.
As each time I cum starts running together into a solid flow of liquid and a sort of warm pain briefly hits my abdomen, I take a few deep breaths in preparation. The pain in my abdomen quickly disappears as my whole body erupts in an orgasm so pleasurable, I’m not sure if it’s pain or joy. Not a second after the physical confusion, a torrent of pleasure flows through my every nerve as I rock myself around the amazing dildo harder and faster than I may ever have.
At the moment I realize I’ve made the shower floor slippery my left foot slips out from under me and I fall sideways for a minute, angling the dildo hard into the side of my pussy causing me simultaneous jolts of pleasure and pain. I quickly reposition myself onto my knees and lower myself all the way to the firm plastic balls. I lean forward a little and arch my back, putting weight on my hands once more as I grind the dildo. I decide to play it safe and not thrust it in and out of me anymore since I’m trying not to die in this orgasm.
As the orgasm finally winds down, I keep grinding, forward, backwards, side to side, moving this now mammoth feeling dildo around inside of me at all angles. The all too familiar feeling of wondering just what is being moved around inside me is broken by the door flying open and a voice.
“Hey are you okay? I heard a loud crash and a lot of yelling,” Gary begins to verbalize loudly as the door flies open. His sentence sounds to be cut off directly after the word “yelling” as he sees my back arched, tits out in front of me with nipples so erect they look like the ends of two middle fingers after the last knuckle. I keep grinding as it doesn’t immediately register this is real.
“Oh, I’m okay, I uhh,” I begin to verbally stammer as I push myself all the way down around the dildo, holding myself there as if I just sit like this in the shower, hoping he hasn’t seen it.
“I’m so, I’ll just,” he mutters as he turns and leaves the bathroom, closing the door behind him.
Feeling some of the orgasm lingering I sit staring at the door, then slowly resume grinding as a small orgasm fires off directly after. The whole time after the door closed, dread and embarrassment slowly grows inside me to replace the coming down off of so much pleasure.
Once done, I very carefully slide off the dildo, already prepared to mentally deal with the physically empty feeling. Once fully withdrawn, I stand up and carefully shower quickly, trying not to bump into it and fall down. What feels like a hundred hours passes, though I’m sure was only a few minutes, and I reach to shut the water off. No, release the dildo first, then shut the water off. Yes, good thinking, cover possible popping sounds with the sound of the shower flowing, good.
I carefully push the dildo down with one hand and try to smoothly twist it in the way I usually do to remove it. Instead of easily coming off, it takes a bit more of a twist than I planned, followed by a loud pop. I freeze and listen intently, hearing nothing at all but the shower.
Moments filled with dread and self-disappointment pass quickly while I stash the dildo behind the false panel once more. But another moment and I am dressed.
I take a couple deep breaths and open the door to face my friend who I’m sure realized the sounds he heard were actually those of me having an amazing orgasm, not of pain after falling in the shower.
“Are you still here Gary?” I verbally call into the apartment. I quietly walk out into the living room and see Gary uncomfortably flipping through the channels on my television.
“Don’t worry, It was too foggy to see anything,” Gary says before I can even bring it up.
“Oh, that’s alright,” I try to assure him. “If I was too worried about my privacy I would have locked the door.” I try to speak the last sentence clearly as I am fighting gritting my teeth while verbalizing it.
“I understand. I could smell the feminine juices, so I shut my mouth and got out of there,” Gary said in barely more than a whisper. I feel my entire consciousness sink as he finishes his sentence.
“Thanks for trying to restore the privacy,” I say in little more than a mumble. I force a smile and add “Would you like anything to drink?”
“No, I’m glad I got to see you before you left,” he says as he stands up and turns off the television. He approaches me as if he’s going to give me a hug.
“I’m glad as well,” I force in a happy voice as I watch an expression of realization cross his face.
“Let me know when you get back!” he almost barks, turning and scurrying towards and through the door.
“Yeah,” I mutter in a quiet and thoroughly annoyed voice. “I’ll let you know the moment my capsule arrives,” I conclude.

FROM BELOW . Soraya . 02 . Rising Excitement
I stand in front of the indentation in the wall for the tube I am taking to San Diego. The wide hallway I am standing in continues down in either direction for several hundred feet. Every fifteen feet there is another indentation with another tube. The walls are smooth and free from any markings or discoloring of any kind. The ceiling is the same shade of grey and also free of any distinguishing features or markings. In front of every door above the center of the hallway is the typical foot wide circular concave plasma light. I often stare at them and think about the surface. I hear the only sorts of plasma lighting seen on earth are typically unharnessed entertainment related toys. Nothing like the soft consistent glow used here. I plan on finding and interacting with one at whichever science museum I find first on the surface.
It’s funny how some of our technologies down here are so far beyond what is used on the top. Yet I have two sex toys in my bag that I could only order from the surface. It seems silly to me that so many reproduction related things are frowned upon if they’re used for anything but reproduction. I understand our culture to be immeasurably calmer than that of the surface. Suppressing base desires just feels illogical. I have a difficult time believing that doing so is one actual factor which keeps everything low and leveled. I look back at the indentation, behind which houses one of the many tubes in this hallway.
This is the tube I am scheduled to depart in shortly. I look down at my grey sun dress with random looking designs which are actually accentuated Fibonacci sequences. I look at the duffel bag in my left hand and the suitcase in my right hand. I look at the outer wall of the tube which will pivot open momentarily. Definitely enough room to walk in straight. The small indentation in the wall appears to shift to the side as the tube pivots open revealing a three foot wide by seven foot tall doorway. Inside appears to be a six foot wide by eight foot tall chamber with smooth light grey walls and roof with a dark grey floor that matches the hallway I am now stepping out of.
I grip my bags tight as the door slides closed. All the horror stories I’ve heard about a critical transport failure causing a capsule to practically vaporize and take that segment of the tube out of commission until they can fully replace it. No sooner does fear start to creep up does the door slide back open.
Alright. Simple. I calm myself as I step out of the capsule and into a hallway intersection. The doorway I came out of closes behind me, revealing it was hidden in stylish angular architecture of this almost utility hallway intersection. The hallway to my right is only eight feet until a set of solid double doors. The hallway which ultimately forms a T with the eight footer goes on for several dozen feet in one direction and eight feet in the other, also ending in double doors. The instructions I received stated the airport would be through the furthest set of doors and to note which ones they were for the return.
I walk down the long hallway and bump the cross bar of the right door with my right hip to open it. It swings most of the way open as I step through the doorway. I pull my duffel bag through just before the door swings by to a close. I stand off one of the airport entrances and carry my bags out to the loading zone. As soon as I stand outside my attention is immediately drawn to the sky above. It never gets old. I really need to try and get up here more often. I smile and take a deep breath, taking in the salty air. I close my eyes and take several more deep breaths before opening them again. I check for traffic and see it is relatively slow. Once there is a break, I step out and cross the four lanes of traffic to the interestingly formed median, filled with palm trees and places to sit.
Standing on the median I take note that I am at the last door into Terminal 2 before the road curves away. I decide instead of taking a cab I’m going to walk to the hotel I’m going to stay at as it is just down the street. I walk to McCain road and turn left, following the sidewalk all the way to North Harbor Drive. As I approach the divided multiple lane road, I am struck by the large number of boats parked in the waterway across from where I stand. I briefly debate on making time to go out on a boat, but countless flashes of fantasies flow through my mind causing my plans to realign.
Turning right I walk down North Harbor Drive until I spot a crosswalk following Laning Road into Naval Base Point. I cut through the parking lot and approach the entrance to Navy Gateway Suites. I walk under the large blue canopy covered walkway and through the automatic doors. As the doors start to close behind me, a group of men in jogging shorts and tight t-shirts pass. I smile at them and a tall blonde man with bright blue eyes smiles back and says “hi” as the rest stay focused and face forward.
“May I help you, ma’am?” a kind looking elderly man with jet black hair and droopy, knowing eyes asks me with an obviously forced, but sweet looking smile. He is standing behind
“I am Soraya Gomez, here to check in for a reservation?” I respond as I walk over to the reception desk.
“Four minutes after check in starts, good timing,” the man states warmly showing the first actual smile.
“Punctuality is key,” I say in a soft voice, reaching into my pocket to see if I brought the pen I was given as a child.
“Fill this sheet out along with a copy of your ID and credit card,” he states mechanically, sliding a piece of paper across the desk to me.
“Yes sir,” I say in the same soft voice, taking the paper before me and beginning to fill it in. Amazing, this pen still works. I realize I did test it last week before I decided to bring it. I simply expected it to be the last drop of ink, and dead before I arrived! Splendid!
“Thank you,” he says while taking the form and my two cards over and setting them next to his computer. “You’ll be in 313,” he informs me while passing me a keycard and my two cards back.
“Thank you sir,” I say while taking the three cards from him, then picking up my bags. I turn and begin walking, realizing the sweat is accumulating on my body in small beads, towards the stairwell I saw on the map which will take me to the floor my room is on.
“I was going to offer to carry one of your bags for you,” I hear a sweet sounding young male voice say from behind me. I turn around and see the tall blonde man that I just smiled at moments ago. Though, in the lighting of the strangely open air design of this hotel, the light coming through the openings between the walls and walkways illuminate his chest in a way that makes it impossible not to look at how large his pectoral muscles are.
“But then?” I ask, as he stands there smirking, looking me up and down confidently.
“One of my buddies told me he saw you crossing the street with those and I figured if you carried it from the airport, you’re strong enough to finish the trip,” he says with increased confidence in his voice.
“Wouldn’t it make more sense that my arms would be tired and I would appreciate the help?” I blurt out in a highly irritated tone I would never intentionally use. Without a word he steps forward and reaches his arms out. As he does I reach mine forward, allowing him to take both bags.
“I’ll gladly carry these to your room with you,” he uncomfortably belts out, sounding as if he were responding to an order from a superior. His face is blushing and I automatically feel disappointment in my snappy response.
“Thank you,” I say meekly. “You don’t have to, but I do appreciate it,” I add.
“If I had thought further than the end of my nose,” he mumbles to himself, followed by a small smirk.
“It’s fine, don’t beat yourself up about it,” I say. We hit the stairs and the moment I reach the top I hop to the side and swivel around to face him. As I assumed, he was staring at my ass the whole way up. “Don’t think trying to be a gentleman will excuse you from the need to actually be a gentleman.”
“Hey, when you are on an adventure and see one of the most beautiful sights along the way, don’t you use the opportunity to take it in?” he states with a slowly growing grin as the sentence progresses. I cross my arms and squint my eyes in a glare. I try to stop it, but a smirk of my own slowly envelops my whole face.
“Fine,” I blurt out, noticing a hint of amusement in my voice. I swivel back around and continue walking the few doors to my room. I shuffle the cards in my hand until my room key is at the top. I use it to unlock the door, open it up and walk in. I immediately see a beautiful view out over the bay and am momentarily stunned.
“See? One can’t help but appreciate the view in front of them,” he repeats, followed by a short sexy laugh. I turn and repeat my glare, only this time with an uncontrolled smile. I approach him and point to the floor next to the wall just beyond the door.
“You can feel free to put the bags there, and thank you for the help,” I state, unknowingly resting the palm of my hand above his heart on what I now understand to be a rock hard chest.
“Anything I can do to make my ignorance up to you?” he asks, bright blue eyes drawing me into a kiss before I realize it’s going on.
His kiss is firm but soft enough to be enjoyable. As his cheeks brush mine I can tell he shaved just before he and his friends were about to go for a jog. My other hand makes it’s way up onto the other side of his chest as I feel myself heating up quickly. Without looking I know my nipples are clearly visible through my bra and my breathing is becoming heavier.
“I have a couple ideas,” I whisper in what almost sounds like a whimper. I move my hands down to his sides, gripping his waist just above his shorts and guide him towards the bed, carefully stepping backwards.
“Wait,” he says, breaking contact with me. My heart sings as I look down at his shorts, clearly packing heat with the tent I didn’t notice being put up.
“What’s wrong?” I ask as I watch him turn and go to carefully close the door.
“My C.O. is on this floor and I don’t want him to see one of his guys breaking the rules in more than one way at a time,” he says quietly with a warming smile. I return his smile and we meet in the middle of the space between where we were standing. In this embrace I can clearly feel every detail of the side of his penis pressing up against the front of my right thigh. We begin passionately kissing, his lips becoming more relaxed, instantly increasing the presence of moisture in my now throbbing lower core.
“My thigh is informing my lower abdomen it needs to prepare for a visitor,” I say in an exhale before I switch from kissing him to licking his neck.
“Let me be the one to do the licking,” he says in a commanding voice while breaking contact for a moment as he positions himself to pick me up with one arm under my knees and the other catching me under my upper back. I feel like I’m starting to cum and my panties aren’t even removed yet.
“Yes sir,” I say, barely able to as I feel out of breath. He’s a white guy and he’s not nearly as tan as I hoped for the first guy I got down with while topside. I mean, he tans nicely. It’s clear he doesn’t get much sun but when he does, he tans easily instead of burning. He lays me on the bed, carefully takes off my shoes and slides my dress up my legs. He starts kissing his way up my inner calves, over the inner sides of my knee which makes me cum a little instantly, then up my inner thighs. Why am I complaining to myself about him being too white? At least he’s not as pale as the moon. Instead of removing my panties right away, he kisses and nibbles on the tendon area of the top inner thigh. He then runs his tongue up from my asshole to just above my clit. I close my eyes and push my head back into the comforters, trying not to be loud and keeping focus on what he’s doing.
Just as his tongue starts to pull back from it’s last point of contact I feel his mouth is opened up and lips pressing down widely around my clit. His teeth softly nibble on my clit through my panties as I can’t stop myself from cumming fairly hard, liquids now seeping out from the sides of my panties. I look down at him and see him glancing up at me, eyes smiling brightly. I close mine again as the pleasure feels to be building towards a full orgasm while panties are somehow still on. I start chewing on the inside of my cheeks in an effort to remain quiet. His teeth pinch me just a tiny bit, so I open my eyes to see what he’s doing and he has my panties in his teeth, slowly pulling down my panties. The pleasurable throbbing is growing to levels which make it hard for me to remain fully silent, causing a couple whimpers to escape.
“You don’t have to hold it in, you know,” he says, looking up at me from between my legs with the most adorable smile I’ve seen in years.
“I don’t want to get you in trouble,” I intended to say in a soft voice, but comes out in a heavy breathing pant.
“Because,” he states, holding a finger up to indicate he wants me to hold on a moment. He repositions himself to be on his knees, totally upright. “I’m going to make you scream,” he shouts at the top of his lungs. He leans back down into the position he was in between my legs. He gives me a quizzical look as he sees my facial expression.
“Soundproofed?” I blurt out, venturing a guess amidst my confusion.
“Soundproofed,” he confirms, still holding my panties but tossing them on the floor off the edge of the bed. I smile and lay my head back, allowing myself to breathe heavier as his tongue plunges into me. I start breathing heavily as I feel myself cum again and the building throbbing of an orgasm lingering continues.
He shifts his tongue up to my clit and slips a finger in me. His fingers aren’t very big, I hope he – my thought process is interrupted by what I was hoping for, a second finger. He slowly pulls them out to the fingertips then slides them back in. That’s a little strange, I think. He’s holding both fingers together and straight. As if he’s just using them as a dildo, as opposed to all the things he could be doing with them. Shit. I lean my head back as I feel the throbbing starting to fade away. What’s going on? Hot guy’s licking my clit like crazy and fingering me and you’re giving up on me now? Come back, honey! My hands stop being idle at my sides as I start massaging my breasts. I happen to look down again and see his eyes hungrily watching me massaging my breasts and I wink at him.
“Your breasts are good,” he says, taking a break from licking my clit. I immediately start laughing, the shock of never having had my breasts called ‘good’ before hitting me right in my funny bone.
“So good!” I say, slowing down to almost a low rolling giggle and a wide smile.
His facial expressions now include a daring glow, as his hands reposition to my waist and grip me. He slides me down the bed towards him and I feel the throbbing in my pussy instantly return, eager for that dick I felt on my thigh. What? His shorts are still on? What is this?” I grab the bottom sides of his shirt and pull it upward. He takes one of my hands and grips it.
“No, just let me do this,” he says, releasing my hand and returning his grip to both sides of my waist as his mouth moves to gently bite my right nipple through my bra and dress.
“Sir, yes sir,” I say in a playful voice. He nibbles on my breasts and carefully licks the sweat from my bare chest before nibbling his way back down to my clit. One of his hands returns to slip two fingers into me. He resumes the same course of action he was pursuing previously. Fingers together as a dildo, but skilled tongue working my clit, I feel my body fighting the confusion and siding with slowly losing arousal.
“Oh fuck,” I verbalize, deciding I better fake an actual orgasm, considering all the cum already built up down my crack and surely on the bed. “Oh fuck,” I repeat for good measure. I squint my eyes closed and imagine that dick of his pounding me instead of his two skinny fingers. “Fuck me,” I say, hoping he actually uses his dick instead of his fingers.
“Let me finish you off,” he says, adding a second finger and doubling the pleasure somehow he’s giving with his mouth to my clit. That’s a bit better. I feel my throbbing making another appearance and cum some more. I take this opportunity to mask my confusion as to why he’s not fucking me and still spending all this time doing this same thing.
“Oh fuck yes, here it comes, oh fuck,” I say in my loudest believable orgasmic style voice. I imagine that veiny wide headed dick of his I felt against my thigh earlier pushing up into my body. I imagine flipping him around onto his back and climbing on, grinding that glorious thing into me at every possible angle. I imagine he has big balls that I could feel slapping against my asshole and inside of my cheeks as I start lifting up and slamming down around it. I notice I don’t feel his other hand on me as I start winding down the show. I open my eyes and look down to see what he’s doing, trying to see around my breasts. You ass holes, can’t you be transparent to only me? What the fuck? Is he beating off? “You can fuck me with that you know, instead of your hand,” I say, probably sounding more desperate than I wish I did. I really want that dick in me. I’d say it, but, I really want that dick in me. I do.
“I’m a virgin, I’m waiting for marriage but I still enjoy doing what I can to please,” he says in what sounds like more of a dog pant than actual English.
“Get out,” I blurt out, shifting myself back and away from him, sitting up on the bed. I see the look of shock on his face as one hand down his shorts jerking off and the other still about where it was, three fingers held straight and firmly together with my juices on them. His hand is stroking himself in a way that has his shorts low and forward enough I can see most of his shaft. Fuck I want that inside of me, stupid kid. “Get out!” I repeat angrily, now pointing with both hands at the door. I shake my arms and prepare to yell get out, now leaning forward and taking a deep breath.
“I’m, I,” he starts to stammer, releasing his meat and jumping to his feet off the foot of the bed. “I really,” he begins before being interrupted.
“Get, the fuck, out!” I yell, climbing off the side of the bed and starting to walk towards him with my hands now fisted at either side of me. He turns and runs, fully erect in total tent style. He gets to the door and fails at his first two brief attempts at opening it. I smirk and try not to laugh until he gets the door open, then closed behind him. I see he doesn’t dare look in as he pulls the door closed. “Fuck!” I scream as I lift my dress off and throw it across the hotel room. I then reach a hand behind me and unclasp my bra. Sliding it forward and down my arms, away from me in one motion, I let it land on the floor at my feet. I walk fully nude over to my bags and open my duffel bag. I rifle around in there making angry grunting sounds until I find one of the two toys I brought with me.
“You’re going to fuck me, and you’re not going to say no,” I bark angrily at the six inch long vibrator that’s small by my standards in width. It’s just as wide as his three fingers, fuck. I fight off that thought and get myself onto the bed. I crawl across the bed and flip myself around, landing on my back with my head on the pillows. My knees quickly come back to either side of my breasts, squeezing them together. Good thing I don’t need to see what I’m doing.
I slowly twist the bottom edge of the vibrator until it starts at the lowest possible setting. I carefully bring the tip against my clit. I fight the urge to slip it in instantly and decide to tease myself. I smile as the gentle pleasure rises, rubbing the tip up and down the insides of my lips. I slide an inch of the tip into me and hold it steady as I slowly increase the vibration speed.
I close my eyes and drift from the view of the ceiling which is in front of me, to the fleeting view of the thick, long and highly textured beef mallet the blonde boy refused to force into me. I see him before me. His lips come down and meet my neck as the head of his cock presses crudely against my lips, causing uncomfortable but unbelievably arousing pressure against the outer sides of my pussy. I reach down and squeeze his third leg through his shorts, trying to squirm in a way that his shorts magically come down.
He breaks from his kiss and both hands grip my waist. I feel my own cum running down the crack of my ass. I can’t wait to feel him try to fit that dick of his in me. I lean forward and start tugging downward at the waist of his shorts. He slaps my hands away and smiles.
“I’m not done teasing you,” he says, cracking a deeply sexy smile. He leans forward and starts nibbling on the insides of my cleavage as I reach for his shirt. “Now, that I can do,” he says softly as he pulls his shirt off and flings it across the room.
“Thank you,” I mumble before biting my lip. My eyes go down over his sleek and toned frame. His shoulders look broader now that they’re uncovered but he’s still fairly small. Not skeletal, but not enormously muscular either. I reach up and around his arms, grabbing his tight core by the sides and squeezing.
“Fuck me,” I insist. My hips no gyrating that huge feeling cock of his up and down the length of my pussy. Every so often I’ll give an extra thrust for some strong pressure on my clit as it slips by. My juices have his boxers so saturated, the slightest imperfection in the stitching could allow him to burst through.
“Yes ma’am,” he whispers before gently biting my cleavage and leaning himself upright. He does what looks like a sort of jump rope maneuver which leaves his shorts near the foot of the bed. “Like that?” he asks with a boyish but masculine smile.
“Fuck me,” I insist more firmly. “Fuck me and don’t stop,” I order in a voice sounding more desperate than horny. I start gripping at him and pulling him towards me trying to get that veiny monster inside me. I lean up to look down at it over my breasts. It looks even more mammoth in size when fully released from its prison.
“Tell me if –“ he begins before I interrupt him by a carefully executed thrust, sending the first four inches of him into me. “Oh shit,” he gasps.
“Oh shit,” I moan, shaking in the throes of a small orgasm. My hands shift to his forearms and grip hard as my entire midsection vibrates around him, small squirts traveling up his shaft and down onto the bed.
“Holy shit,” he says while moving one hand down to grip the base of his girthy snake, trying to force it in further than the midway point.
“Fuck me,” I order him, digging my fingernails into his forearms. I feel his fingertips digging into my waist as he pulls the few inches back out. An audible pop comes forth as his head slips out. “What are you doing,” I demand to be told, pulling his forearms up with my fingernails in a vain effort to bring his whole body into me.
Without a word he grips my waist tighter and buries all but the last couple inches of himself into me. I feel him brush past my belly button and rib cage right up into my throat. Though in reality, the knot in my throat must clearly be from the battery of screams I’m holding back.
“I’ll fuck you,” he growls as his hands shift from gripping me to the bed on either side of me. My hands come loose from him and find their way to massaging my breasts through my bra. He shifts them inward to pin me with the now scratched forearms as he starts ramming me over and over with his real life Rambone.
I feel the throbbing in my body lowering and moisture slowing. I open my eyes and see the sun has come up a little more and realize the door to the porch is open. I feel my own liquids all over both of my hands and underneath me. I spend a couple seconds trying to catch my breath. What the fuck, body? I didn’t even have a big orgasm. Fuck you too.
I realize the vibrator in my right hand feels like it’s on a low setting. I sit up in bed and look it over. Fucking batteries are almost dead? It’s you who fucked up my fantasy! I jump out of bed, cum still accumulated on my thighs and ass, and run out onto the deck overlooking the boardwalk and bay. I throw the vibrator out into the water and flip it off with both middle fingers through the last half of it’s descent.
“Yeah, fuck that vibrator!” I hear an older male voice say from my right. I turn to look and see a burly man in his late 60s having a cigar on his deck.
“It shouldn’t have drained the batteries!” I bark before flipping off the general direction it flew and walking back into my hotel room.
“Great tits,” I hear the man say as I realize he just saw me nearly fully naked. Realizing this I am only surprised at the total lack of embarrassment.
“I need a good fuck,” I mumble to myself in irritation as I approach the bathroom to take a shower.

FROM BELOW . Soraya . 03 . Overdue
Staring at myself in the mirror, I feel like the frustration of the last 24 hours has caused my core to tighten. Sucking in a small amount and it looks like I could almost have abs. Turning to the side I admire how slender my waist and stomach looks against my ass and tits. I make eye contact and smile for several seconds before heading out of the hotel room.
As I approach the turn into the stairwell a housekeeper is picking something out of her cart. I smile and nod as she takes notice of me. Her eyes light up and a knowing amused grin spreads across her face. As I enter the stairwell and jog down the stairs I wonder what the grin was for. Could she have heard me? I guess a room isn’t soundproof at all if a door is fully open. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that.
Once at the bottom of the stairs I notice a small hallway passing to the walkway alongside the bay. I walk out to the railing on the edge of the walkway and lean over it, looking down into the water. I feel like my breasts might come free from this bikini top and it doesn’t bother me at all. I am no longer worried about my bra-on rule.
I mentally access the maps for this area and find the closest large beach. Damn, I should have just picked a place right on the beach rather than in between the beach and downtown. I skim through hotels on the beach and find Bahia Resort has open rooms. I turn around and walk back into the hotel. I run up the stairs with an uncontrollable smile on my face. I get up to my room and toss the few back into my bags that were removed. Once I finish that I mentally pull up the number to a cab service.
After setting up a cab to grab me over by the base gates, I exit the room and head down to the reception desk. Once down the stairs and on the bottom floor I almost crash face first into the housekeeper I saw a little bit earlier.
“Excuse me,” I say with a warm smile. She gives no response beyond a nod and keeps walking. That’s odd. I must be missing something.
“May I help you, ma’am?” the gentleman behind the reception desk asks me.
“Yes, I would like to check out. I will pay for my booking, it is no problem,” I inform him while pulling out the keycards he gave me, my credit card and ID. Good to be prepared.
“Going somewhere else after the embarrassing morning?” he asks with a smirk poking through his smile.
“Everybody knows about that, huh?” I ask, feeling my face turn red.
“In an open layout like ours, anything yelled while doors or windows are open can be heard over a lot of the base,” he explains with a caring expression. He almost looks like he feels sorry for me.
“Well I did not know that. I also wasn’t sure if I was going to want to explore more towards the beaches or downtown. Beaches win and a room opened up at the hotel I was looking at,” I tell him, fibbing a little on a room only just now opening.
“That’s good! And don’t worry about the bill for beyond today. I’ll wipe the rest off otherwise,” he assures me with joy in his voice.
“I appreciate that a lot,” I say as I pass him the same batch of cards I gave him earlier.
“Oh I only need the room cards,” he states as he hands back the rest. “Have fun on the beach!” he exclaims, eyes traveling from my eyes down my body.
“Thanks!” I say, his eyes locked somewhere below my chest, smile slowly spreading across his face.
I turn and walk, bags in hand, towards the front exit. I flash a look back and see him still staring at me. The smile has grown into a full toothy grin. I smile and wink at him as I turn back around and continue out of the hotel.
Cutting through the parking lot towards the gate I hear guys making sounds that sound to be mimicking my voice tone when I yelled at the blonde boy to get out of my room. I look in the direction I hear them and smile, not actually seeing anyone. To my surprise the cab is already waiting in a visitor parking lot just outside the gate.
He climbs out of the cab and opens the driver’s side door. I approach and he walks with arms outstretched.
“Soraya?” the gentleman asks. I nod in acknowledgement. “I will put your bags in the trunk,” he says in an accent I do not recognize.
“Oh, thank you!” I say, too busy thinking about how much fun I hope to have at the beach. I climb into the back seat and close the door as I hear the trunk close. He walks around and climbs into the driver’s seat.
“My notes show you’re heading to Bahia Resort?” he asks. I nod and smile as I glance at his meter, noticing he hasn’t turned it on. “Alright, off we go!” he says as he navigates the taxi out onto North Harbor Drive. He turns right instead of the left I was expecting.
I mentally jump between daydreaming about flirting with guys on the beach to observing the path this taxi driver is taking. He drives east past the airport, north onto Interstate 5 and gets off on Mission Bay Drive. I then start imagining countless tanned shirtless boys of all races and sizes. I imagine how I’ll talk to them and what I’ll say to get them into conversations. Now I see him merging onto Grande Avenue heading west.
I imagine rubbing oil all over the heavily built chest of a body builder while he lies on the beach to get a tan. Hard nipples and chiseled abs slipping across my hands while I rub the oils into the skin. I feel moisture building in my panties as I imagine brushing over the bulge in the speedo as I start massaging oils into the huge strong legs.
The taxi driver turns us onto southbound Mission Boulevard and I start to wonder. I mentally access the maps and see how far he actually went out of the way. As I realize this I see his hand reach up and start the meter.
“Why did you take this route?” I ask, starting to feel a little irritated.
“The Sea World protestors have the entire island shut down right now,” he responds while slowly nodding his head. “This was the fastest route. I waited a while to turn on the meter. Can’t let those protester assholes cost you extra money,” he explains as I keep eye contact with him in his rear view mirror. When he finishes his sentence his eyes are smiling brightly.
“That is very sweet of you, thank you,” I say in a higher pitched voice than I expected to come out of me.
“Hey, it’s the least I can do!” he squeaks in what sounds like an imitated New Jersey accent.
Silence falls back around us for the rest of the ride. My imagination travels back to the tanned ripped body of the beach boy. This time a friend is next to him and I am rubbing both of them down at once. Sitting between them, my hands travel up their abs and across their pecs. My hands pass over their collar bones and massage their thick, strong necks. I rub towards their shoulders which are closest to me. I squeeze them and start massaging them as well as I can. My hands get to their trapezius muscles and I feel myself moisten three fold.
“Alright, we’re here!” he exclaims, jumping out of his driver side door and heading back to the trunk. I open my door and carefully get out, taking in the salty sea air once more. I can feel a rise in my chest as the excitement physically manifests.
“Need my card?” I ask, ready to pay him as he places my bags at my feet with a smile.
“No need! We have your information already! Have a good day!” he declares as his driver door closes behind him. I see him wave as he drives away.
I pick up my bags and look around. I am under a strange segmented overhang and surrounded by multiple buildings and palm trees. There are more potted plants than I think anyone in their right mind should have decorated with.
Entering the receptionist area I see three men in white uniforms behind the main desk. All three are standing up straight and are resting their arms at their sides.
“May I assist you?” the older, shorter gentleman standing in the center of the three implores dryly.
“I need to check in,” I respond, resting my bags on the floor at my sides. The men at either side of the one speaking walk around opposite sides of the desk. They approach me and each take a bag. Within seconds they are standing behind me silently and motionless. I feel uncomfortable.
“Name?” he asks, somehow more dryly than before.
“Soraya,” I answer coldly. We stand and stare into each other’s eyes. Does he expect more than my first name? “Gomez,” I include after what felt like several seconds of a staring standoff.
“Yes,” he seethes, still holding eye contact. “Your room is ready,” he continues. He raises one of his arms and makes a brushing away gesture.
“We’ll take you to your suite,” the man to my left says. With my eyes still locked in with the man remaining behind the counter, the man’s voice to my left causes me to jump and turn towards him.
“Sounds good,” I say, looking back at the man behind the counter. As I turn my head back towards the counter I catch him sneering for a fleeting moment. No sooner do I notice it, is his face already stern once more.
I see the two men with my bags are walking out of the reception area. I follow them through the lavishly decorated complex. We exit through a set of wide glass doors and walk down the face of multiple single story separated structures. Glancing in the windows as we pass I realize each of these are respectably sized apartments. I find where they are labeled on the outside and see we are rising in numbers. We are also nearing the suite number I reserved.
I turn my attention to the men walking before me with my bags. One is slender and shorter than me. He seems to be strong as evidenced by how he is carrying my heavier bag as if it were empty. The other, who startled me earlier, is a little taller than me and of medium build. His hair is short and brown. He has a great ass on him, too. The shorter fellow has baggier clothes and it is difficult to gauge. The shorter gentleman’s build, however, suggests he probably has virtually no ass.
“Here we are,” the taller man with the ass informs me. He sets my bag down just outside the door and reaches in his right pants pocket. As he extends a small rectangular piece of metal to me, the other man puts the second bag on the ground as well.
“Thank you,” I say with a smile looking into what I now see are deep brown eyes. “I like your eyes,” I hear myself blurting out carelessly. I also feel my face turning red.
“That is good to hear from a breath of fresh air as yourself!” he remarks. His eyes sparkle with a thrill I haven’t seen before.
“Before you go, what is this?” I ask, holding up the piece of metal. I look closer as I ask and it is about two inches long and three inches wide. It is also roughly eight or ten millimeters deep. The corners are rounded off and it has a healthy weight to it.
“It is your keyfob! Simply hold it near any panel like this,” he begins, raising his hand to point at a black square protruding from the wall near the door. “Once you do that, the nearby door will unlock. It works at your suite and any amenities, such as the hot tub facilities,” he adds with a smile. His eyes travel down my face, across my shoulders and down my left arm. His eyes rest on my fingers for the briefest of moments before making the journey up my midsection, over my breasts and back up to my eyes.
“Thanks, cutie,” I whisper, reaching forward and tugging gently on the bottom of his uniform shirt. He smiles and turns to follow the shorter fellow who is already halfway back to the main building.
I turn around and wave my keyfob in front of the black panel. I hear a click from the door. I pick up my bags and go to open it, but another click suggests it locked before I could open it. I try the door anyway, confirming it locked. I swing the bag with the keyfob in hand across the panel. My bag bumps the wall at the same instant the door clicks again. I reach forward and open it before it gets the chance to relock. I set both of my bags just inside the door before closing it again. I look around on the ground in front of my suite and find a rock bed to stash the keyfob in.
Excitement not diluted by the stern faced desk jockey in reception, I wonder if I look like a little kid as I walk quickly back to the entrance of the resort. I bounce on my feet, standing in place, waiting for the crosswalk signal indicating it’s safe to proceed. The red hand turns to a white stick figure as I walk so quickly across the street it probably appears to be a jog. I make it to the far side of the street and turn right, walking quickly down West Mission Bay Drive. Several bicyclists and joggers pass by as what feels like seconds pass before I cross Mission Boulevard. My sight fixes on a small roller coaster. Staring at it, I almost walk right into a seriously sexy light brown skinned man jogging shirtless across the street in the opposite direction.
“Sorry,” I offer softly, turning to look at the sweat glistening on his rippling back as he jogs away. “Sorry I didn’t bang you in the middle of the street,” I mumble under my breath as I reach the far side.
In a matter of moments I pass by Mission Beach Surf and Skate, surrounded by gorgeous guys and a couple cute pale girls. I peel my attention away and focus it on the ocean now clearly visible before me. I cross the wide walkway between the storefronts and the beach and stand near the ramp going down to the beach. I survey up and down the beach, deciding which way to go. People of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and demeanors litter the beach in both directions. After several seconds of scanning everyone in sight, I start seeing through the white noise and picking out the beautiful variety.
I see a large group of women my eyes keep returning to down the beach to the left. I decide to walk that way, if for no other reason than to see them up close. I never fancied myself to be attracted to anyone of the same sex. But I find myself reconsidering with my body’s reaction to some of these stunning ladies. The warm sun on my body, hot sand at my feet and cool breeze blowing my hair, I walk by the group of beauties laying out. My eyes survey their almost nonexistent bikinis covering their firm looking breasts. All of them seem to have the same general angular and beautiful v shaped jawlines. My pace slows as my gaze travels down their surprisingly trim bodies, toned but not overly muscular bodies. Their hips are different widths, though all have tiny legs that taper off even tinier the closer to their feet they get.
I notice I am fully stopped and slack jawed. I force myself onward before any of them notice me staring. Several steps onward I turn my field of view forward just in time to stop myself from crashing into a tall black man.
“Oh shit, I’m sorry,” I blurt out as my surprised reaction sends my hands up. He takes a couple more steps, causing my palms to connect to his dreamlike muscular chest.
“It’s okay,” he announces confidently. My fingertips curl inward, brushing my fingernails across his chest. One of my fingertips scrapes across his left nipple. I pull my hands back to me and feel my entire body go flush as the hottest sunrays feel cool now against my heating body.
“Sorry about that,” I declare, nodding towards his nipple. I lick my lips and take a deep breath, staring at his chest.
“Uhh, hello,” he says, dimple filled smile spreading across his chiseled and masculine face. I am briefly disappointed with not being able to see his eyes through his black tinted pilot style sunglasses.
“Hello, I am called Soraya,” I exclaim. I am called? Really?
“They call me Brian,” he responds. He leans forward and sniffs in a way that almost doesn’t look like he did anything at all. “Did you put on any sunscreen?” he inquires.
“Oh, no not yet,” I say, looking down at one of my hands. I look at my other hand before looking back up at him. “I appear to have been so excited to get here I left it back at my suite,” I explain, almost mumbling to myself.
“Not a problem!” he cheers. His smile seems to spread further, white teeth glowing. “I have a tube over by my stuff,” he states, gesturing back in the direction from which he came.
“Oh, that is so kind!” I say, or moan. Am I having an orgasm just smelling and staring at him? My eyes travel from his sunglasses down his smooth hairless chest and across his stomach. Is… is that an eight pack? I feel a little dizzy as my eyes continue down his large, strong legs. One of his legs is as big as both of the short bag man’s legs. Damn.
“It’s really my pleasure,” he tells me. My eyes travel back up to his face which is now tilted down, obviously in the middle of checking me out in return.
“I’ll follow you,” I say, shooting my cutes smile his direction. His head lifts up as his facial expression freezes briefly. I hope that’s my charm hooking him. He smiles and turns, walking in the direction he gestured. I feel like my legs are getting weak as I analyze every muscular peak and valley on his back and legs.
“How long have you been in San Diego?” he asks, walking steadily forward.
“Who says I’m not from here?” I ask with amusement in my voice.
“You’re one of the most pale, but beautiful women, I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile you show up at the beach without sunscreen as the sun is reaching its highest point in the sky,” he says, right arm going up with extended finger, pointing up at the sky above.
“You got me,” I say, a vision flashing of him grabbing me. “I arrived here this morning,” I conclude.
“And we have arrived at my temporary base of operations!” he declares, picking up a towel next to a smattering of items. He shakes it off as I put all my weight on one foot, shifting my hips to the side to heighten my curviness.
“Don’t want sand to get in the lotion?” I think aloud, shooting him a toothy and bright eyed smile. He carefully shakes the towel to spread it out as much as he can before carefully lowering it down onto the sand.
“Not even an option,” he says with a smile and a gesture for me to lay down. I lay down on my stomach and get comfortable. “Where are you comfortable with me applying lotion?”
“You?” I think aloud before pausing in a mixture of slight embarrassment and consideration of his question. “I trust your judgment completely. I am but a canvas for your sunblock work.”
“Yeah? Because this bathing suit you have on doesn’t block a bit of sun,” he states , twisting part of it around that passes over my shoulder blade as he reads the tag. “Yeah, not at all,” he confirms.
“You do you, as long as you’re comfortable with me laying here enjoying every second,” I say, feeling how firm yet smooth his fingers feel as they return my strap to its original position.
“Conversely, I see that as the only logical option,” he states, playing off of his previous comment. I hear him pick up a bottle as I close my eyes and relax. Before I get too comfortable I carefully twist up my hair and rest it under my face to keep it out of the way. “You have beautiful hair,” he whispers as his large strong hands start slowly rubbing suntan lotion across my back.
“Thanks,” I whisper, too busy enjoying his hands all over my back. He’s sitting off my right side. I feel his hands lift away from time to time before they return with a fresh layer of sunscreen on them. Once he finishes what he can reach of my back he starts on my arms and sides. Once he finishes my arms and hands, which I find sweet and somehow arousing, he unclasps my top and slides the straps down my arms to the elbows. He massages sunscreen into my skin firmly yet tenderly.
“Do you want me to get your legs and ass or are you good with doing it?” he asks in a sweet and soft voice.
“Every inch is yours,” I say in a breath just above a whisper. I hear his breathing increase slightly as his hands massage the sunscreen into my shoulders and neck. I turn my neck slightly to accommodate each section he’s massaging. Every so often he will move his hands down my back to massage a tense part more. From the moment his massage pauses to the location of where it resumes, he lightly drags his fingertips over the skin. He seems to choose routes that cleverly travel over sensitive areas.
“Your back is almost done and I’ll be moving down, alright?” he informs me in a meek voice. I just smile, knowing the direction my head is turned is visible to him without me needing to open my eyes or verbally respond. His hands are now massaging my lower back as I look his smooth muscular body over in my mind. I look over his crotch as he stood in front of me previously but recall his shorts are just baggy enough to hid whatever he may or may not be packing downstairs.
“Just be gentle,” I whisper with an uncontrollable smirk.
“While we’re on the beach at least,” he responds in a whisper so quiet I don’t know if he even realizes it was out loud.
“My hotel room is a long way to walk being this light headed,” I explain.
“I live right there,” he says while leaning over and making eye contact with me, pointing inland. I can’t see what he’s pointing at.
“I would feel more comfortable having the rest of me covered in privacy,” I say with a smile. He nods in agreement, carefully reconnecting the clasps to close up my top. I get on all fours and then look at him and wink. He is steady looking at my ass in this position before I jump up to my feet, causing my tits to shake all over the world.
“You’re going to have to do that one more time,” he demands in a forced deep voice, making eye contact. He’s so sexy. I want to bite his jawline.
“I’m following you,” I say while crossing my arms, pushing my cleavage upwards. He glances down at them then back up to resume eye contact.
“Alright snow white with a dream body and longer curly hair,” he says before breaking eye contact. He checks me out from top to bottom before turning and walking up the beach towards a nice little two story building. I look it over and hope that’s the one he’s going to as it has glass walls on the front, tinted enough to barely be able to make out shapes inside. There is a large deck on the ground floor and a decent sized deck on the second floor. I notice we’re going towards stairs up the left side of the building, just far enough back from the walkway next to the beach that I didn’t initially see it.
“Ladies first,” he says, stepping aside to give me a clear path to the stairs.
“Promise to look at my ass?” I say in the sweetest voice I can muster, smiling ear to ear.
“I can’t make any promises,” he responds. His facial expression changes as he begins speaking once more. “Oh I thought you said promise NOT to look at my ass! I absolutely promise to look at your ass. But not just your ass.”
“That’s better,” I say as I walk by and begin heading up the stairs. About half way up I stop briefly, causing his face to bump into the middle of my back with his nose and forehead. “Really into that, aren’t you?”
“I am trying to figure out how I’m going to focus on sticking to applying sunscreen,” he says in the same sort of whisper he used earlier. “It’s a great view though,” he adds in a more normal and sexy voice.
“I am confident anything that gets stuck will appreciate it,” I mumble as I continue up the stairs, fully unaware of the thought having crossed my mind before it traveled out of my lips without permission. I get to the door and reach to open it, finding it to be locked.
“I got this,” he states as he leans across me, hot chest pressing against my back and shoulders as his strong muscular arm reaches around me to unlock and open the door. I lean my head over to rub my cheek against the inside of his bicep. I turn to face him, pressing my chest against his. I look up into his eyes and he leans forward.
“Oh, not right now, I’m only partially screened from the sun,” I blurt out quietly. I smile and bite my lower lip before turning around and walking into the middle of the room. I look to my left and see a large black leather couch with light brown wood trim in the center of the room facing out to the beach. A small flat screen television is angled into the room from the corner of the drywall and glass wall. To the left of the screen is a stack of speakers. A similar stack of speakers is alone in the opposite corner. I look to my left and see a large island counter with bar stools on the side closest to the center of the room. Beyond that is a counter that wraps all the way around the kitchen. The floor is a white tile that is either real marble with grey inlay, or some sort of imitation. There is a huge black fridge on the far left side of the kitchen, and a large range on the far right side. I feel a hand brush across my ass as he enters the room, closing the door behind him.
“Do you want to use the couch, floor, my bed?” he asks. One of his eyebrows goes up when he gets to the word bed.
“Bed sounds comfortable,” I answer with a smile. I look straight across the room from the front door and see the hallway has one door on each side and a door at the end. I watch as he walks down the hall and turns into the door on the right. I follow him and turn a few moments behind him. He is now standing near a large bed in the center of the left side of the room. An end table is on either side. One has a laptop and a strip of USB plugs that appears to be connected to a wall outlet. On the other end table is a large red and orange floral arrangement. Across the bed, on the right side of the room from where I stand is a wide chest of drawers with a huge mirror. I look from the mirror over to the bed and realize the bottom of the mirror is close to the top of the bed.
“Would you like me to leave the room so you can get comfortable before I finish coating your skin in the finest sunscreen I have?” he offers, eyes shimmering with happiness. I pause and think for a moment about how to respond. I choose to reach behind myself and unclasp my top, letting it fall to the floor. My nipples were already a little hard looking over his legs and chest, but get firmer with the chilled air brushing over me. His eyes get bigger as his gaze shifts from my eyes down to my chest.
“Does this answer your question?” I ask, trying to sound sexy before slipping down my bikini bottoms. I walk by him keeping eye contact as his eyes travel all over my body. I get on all fours, taking care to face my ass directly towards him for a moment before I lay flat near the edge of the bed.
“Yes ma’am,” he responds, picking up a bottle of lotion. I twist my hair and lay it near my head again as I feel his hands trembling while applying sunscreen to my legs. His hands make me wetter and wetter the more they travel up and down my legs. His hands massage up my thighs and begin on my ass. He does a great job getting my ass and hips completely covered with suntan lotion before working back down my legs to my feet.
“You’re great at giving massages, I’ll have you know,” I inform him in a soft voce just a touch higher than a whisper.
“I’m glad you think so. I’m more distracted than I usually am when doing this,” he states in a tone that sounds like genuine surprise.
“Why is that?” I ask, wondering if he’s going to pretend like he doesn’t bring women up here all the time to do this.
“You have the most perfect, soft, white skin I’ve ever been lucky enough to see or touch,” he says, now running his fingertips on what feels like his right hand from my neck, down my spine, over my ass and down the insides of my thighs. I shiver and involuntarily moan a little.
“I think my front needs done,” I say, squirming a little.
“I think it does, too,” he says with a waver in his voice. I’m going to fuck this man within an inch of his last breath.
“I’m glad we agree,” I say as I roll over carefully, hoping there’s not a large embarrassing puddle under me. I glance down before settling in and see it’s just a couple drops. I notice he sees too, then smirks a little I get comfortable on my back and spread my hair out above me over the pillow. Before my arms return to my side, his hands are starting to rub suntan lotion into the tops of my ankles. I can recall him having coated them adequately when I was on my stomach, but I admire his persistence. I’m watching his arms and shoulders twitch and flex as he works the lotion into my skin. My nipples are so hard the areolas are wrinkling. I catch his gaze flashing up at my stomach and breasts as he nears my knees. I could casually see if I’m flowered out downstairs. It feels like I absolutely must be.
“Are you warm enough?” he asks, glancing and nodding towards my nipples.
“I’m warmer than I’ve been all day,” I admit, hips squirming a little. His face erupts into the warmest smile I’ve seen so far. His eyes waver ever so slightly, as if he’s a little boy feeling overpowered by happiness. His hands work over my thighs and I feel cum running down onto the bed. I close my eyes and enjoy it as thoroughly as I can as they work my stomach and sides. I feel myself breathing heavier and heavier as he massages my ribs, knowing what he’s going to do next.
Realizing I am wrong, his hands slip up between my breasts and massage my upper chest, shoulders and neck. He does the fronts of my arms all the way to my wrists and skips doing the hands a second time. I tense up in anticipation of what may happen next. It’s so quiet I can hear the waves crashing outside and people chatting as they walk and jog by below, and all the windows are closed. Suddenly warmth fires through me as one of his hands lands on my left breast. As that feeling settles, his other hand lands on my right breast.
Involuntarily my right hand lifts up between his arms. I put my palm on his chest between his pectoral muscles. My breathing increases instantly. I run my fingertips down the center of his chest, pinky and pointer fingers rising and falling with the curvature of his muscle structure. My left hand makes its way down my body. My pointer and middle fingers start gently rubbing circles against my clit.
“You’re driving me crazy,” he says. I feel his fingers quivering as he continues massaging my breasts. He has been over the entire surface of my breasts three times.
“I haven’t even started,” I whisper as I turn to him and rise to my knees. His hands lower to my sides as mine rise to his shoulders. My lips lower to his collar bone as I kiss from the outside to the middle. I run my tongue down the center of his chest and bite softly on the center of his right pec. I nibble down to his nipple as his right hand goes from my side to my clit. Both of my hands run down his body until I am digging my fingers into his core. My thumbs pressing into his beyond washboard abs and fingertips digging into his sides. I rise up and start sucking on his neck as he slips a finger into me.
He pulls his finger out of me and grips me hard on my sides under my armpits and lifts me. He lays me on my back with my ass on the edge of the bed. I see that chiseled face of his smile ear to ear before descending rapidly until I can only see his entrancing brown eyes. I only just now notice how nice his eyebrows are trimmed down. His bald head glistening with sweat beading up. He grips my waist firmly but gently while I feel his tongue go deep into me. I’ve never had a tongue enter me before, and it sends me into a cumming frenzy. On top of that, I already feel an orgasm building, which is uncommon after how many times I’ve gotten off in the last twenty-four hours.
“Damn, just how long is your tongue?” I gasp as my pussy grips him repeatedly. He releases my waist and puts his pointer finger up in a ‘one moment please’ sort of gesture. “Yes sir,” I say in a pant as the orgasm builds further. The hand he used to gesture descends to my lower central pelvis as his thumb starts carefully rubbing my u-spot. My hips start gyrating as another series of cum begins flowing out of me. As I think the cum flow is going to slow, it builds and tendrils of orgasmic pleasure start spreading through my body. I moan loudly and both of my legs join my hips in squirming. My hips transition from gyrating to pumping his tongue into me hard against his lips. His thumb is now rubbing my clit firmly. My moans rise to screams as I feel cum running down his chin and my ass.
He slowly pulls his tongue out of me as the cum, vibrations and pulsating vaginal muscles slow to a stop. His head slowly rises with the smile of a victorious warrior. Then I watch as his mouth slowly opens revealing those sparkling white teeth. Then, as he opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out, I feel a little extra moisture start running down my ass. He lashes just under the tip of his chin with his tongue before returning it into his mouth.
“What are you waiting for,” I pant, hands now straight down my sides tugging at his shorts. He leans forward and starts sucking on and massaging my breasts, resting himself on his elbows just outside my arms. I grip the cloth of his shorts with the tips of my fingers and pull them down the tiny bit at a time I am capable of until I feel them fall to the floor. His thick sexy lips work their way up to my neck as I feel something against my clit. He reaches down and I feel him enter me with something that feels about as big as two of my fingers.
His lips suck on my shoulders and neck as I feel his pelvis meet mine. My pussy is gripping him so hard that my imagination has no problem filling in the girth and length. His strong hands return to my sides as he leans back to a standing position. My hands move to the outsides of his arms as I caress his muscles. My hands travel over his bulging forearms and biceps. His hands use the grip on my waist to pull me towards and around him as he pumps as hard as he can into me. He pulls out quickly and repeats the process.
“Oh my god,” I moan, hands moving from his arms to his abs, leaning up to look over my breasts which are now shaking with the vigorous pounding. I feel as if every single nerve in my body has routed it’s nerves to my fingertips as they carefully travel every peak and valley of his abdomen and waist. The v his lower abs make reminds me of old G.I. Joes I’ve seen photographs of.
“Oh fuck,” I hear him blurt out under his breath. His hands slowly shift from my waist to my tits as he stops pulling out as far and is pounding my lower back into the bed. I feel an orgasm building with the combination of the better than imagined body in front of me and knowledge he’s about to get off.
“Fuck me,” I whisper. I feel him tremble a little as he keeps up his pace. “Fuck me,” I repeat, intentionally massaging his small boner with my muscles as hard and well-timed with his thrusts as I can.
“Oh holy fuck,” he yells as his thrusts are now almost strong vibrations against me. I lean forward and reach around, digging my fingers into his firm ass. As I feel his balls pulsating against the insides of my ass cheeks I dig my fingernails into his ass and pull him as hard against me as I can.
“Don’t hold back,” I demand before twisting a bit to get some range so I can spank him. As soon as it lands I can feel his balls pulsating harder as he begins to yell. I dig my fingernails back into the side I spanked and grip harder with both hands.
“Oh my god,” he screams as his vibrations slowly turn into the longest and slowest intentional thrusts he can imagine. Though my pussy is more sore from massaging his dick with my kitty muscles than it is from his cock stretching me out in any way, I am still quite satisfied.
“Come here,” I say, pulling him forward until he collapses on me. That hard body of his, causing some more cum to generate and roll down the crack of my ass. “That was amazing, Brian,” I say as I catch my breath.
“I do what I can,” he responds, standing up, kneeling down and rising with his shorts pulled up. “I really hate to ask, but I’m pretty sure your name isn’t snow white.” I burst into an uncomfortable but genuine laughter.
“Soraya,” I say. His head cocks and begins nodding.
“I hope you understand, I’m not good with names normally,” he begins. “But I am even worse with names I am hearing for the first time.”
“It’s perfectly alright,” I say, leaning forward and kissing his abs one more time before moving around him and picking up my clothes.
“On the bright side, you’re prepared for the sun!” he says with a boyish smile.
“Thanks for the lotion and massage,” I say with a smile, stretching up to kiss him on the cheek. I catch another glimpse of his strong jawline as I flatten back out on my feet. Fuck, I didn’t bite his jawline. What is wrong with me?
“Do you need a tour of the area?” he offers, reaching his hand out. I take it and shake it, not being sure how to react while my legs are still jelly-like.
“No thank you. Do you mind if I stop by again while I’m in town?” I ask.
“Anytime! If I’m not here, feel free to let yourself in. There is always a key on top of the door frame,” he says. The last sentence causes his facial expression to change into a sort of ‘are these words really coming out of my mouth?’
“Deal,” I say, releasing his hand after shaking it for an awkwardly long time. I lean forward and kiss his chest. I glance up sharply to see the look of desire in his eyes before I turn and walk down the hall. I don’t turn around to see if he tries following me at all. I don’t hear any footsteps other than mine or any words. It feels like I exit his place, walk down the stairs and make the walk back to my hotel room.

FROM BELOW . Soraya . 4 . Aftershocks
Closing the door to my hotel suite I turn and rest myself back against it. I deep sigh and look around for the phone. As soon as I find it I mentally access a list of food places that deliver and find the in-house menu is amazing and 24/7. I call and order three plates of various seafood. I then immediately walk over and grab both of my bags, taking them to their new resting place across the far side of the bed. I jump on the bed and lay on my stomach, rummaging through my bags. I still see images of Brian’s body flashing through my mind constantly and need a deep vaginal orgasm to finish up.
I turn on the huge television mounted on the wall and lay up against the head of the bed. I slip the suction cup dildo under the pillows to my side. Flipping through the channels with the remote in my right hand, I start brushing against my clit through my bikini bottoms.
Several minutes go by before I am pulled out of my every inch of Brian’s body daydream. I realize somewhere between turning the TV on and the knock at the door, my right hand had dropped the remote and wrapped itself around the base of the dildo which is still under the pillows. I get up and walk over to the door, opening it immediately upon arriving.
“Miss Gomez?” the taller handsome man who brought one of my bags to the room asks, cart with metal covered trays in tow.
“Yes sir, nice to see you again,” I say as I step out of the way. He pulls the cart into the room and around to the small kitchen area. He unloads the plates on the counter and puts all of the covers back on the cart. As he turns to leave his eyes glance down at my midsection. Eyes wide, his gaze raises to my face.
“Anything else I can do for you ma’am?” he asks as he is already walking towards the door. He looks really, really uncomfortable.
“Not a thing! Thank you!” I answer as he closes the door behind him. My eyebrows go up as I try not to laugh. I look down to see what he might have been looking at and realize my clit and flower are in full bloom, outlines of everything clearly visible through my bikini bottom. “Oh wow!” I exclaim before returning to the bed.
Not worried about the food in the least, my bikini bottoms fly towards the tv and fall out of sight about the same time my right hand finds the dildo waiting under the pillows. I pull my knees up to my sides and rub the head of my dildo up and down the lips of my eager little girl. There is so much moisture the head slips in a little during one of the passes. You and I, always on the same page. I push it all the way into me. I slide it out just a little and slam it back into me. I repeat this faster and faster, taking care to nail my A-Spot directly. I don’t even bother with my clit as I feel the pleasure in my abdomen building fast as ever.
Huge black pecs twitching as his hands on my waist pulls me towards him, over and over. I lean up and look down over my breasts to observe his eight pack flexing over and over as he pulls out a bit and slams back forward. I prop myself up on my elbows as his fingers dig into my waist deeper, keeping me from moving where he doesn’t want me to. My eyes travel down his abdomen and to his thick huge dick wrapped tightly by my drenched pussy. My head goes back as I cry out, torrents of liquid landing on my inner thighs. I feel myself shaking uncontrollably as I see his arms flexing as he holds me still. My body squirming and shaking, cum gushing all over his dick and stomach.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh for the fuck of fuck,” I yell, hips rocking forward with every thrust.
I go limp on the bed and feel disoriented, legs shaking and entire central area throbbing pleasurably and tingling. I open my eyes and look around. I squirted all over my legs and the bedspread. I laugh and try to stand up, needing to lean over on the bed for a moment until I gain my balance. I observe a wet spot on the bed the size of the top of the tray the cute gentleman just left in a hurry with. I laugh and cover my mouth with my hand.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
As the sun goes down I enter the gated pool area and am surprised there are no people here at all. I look between the large sort of L-shaped pool and the smaller circular pool, or hot tub I imagine, and decide to swim in the larger pool first. I take off the wrap I wore, feeling fat after downing three heaping plates of seafood in one sitting.
I walk around to the shallowest portion. I touch the top of the water with my toes and feel it’s quite warm. I slowly walk down into the water. I continue into the pool until the bottom falls away from me. Having not swam since I was a young girl, I was pleasantly surprised how easily I got back into it. I dogpaddle in the deep end for a little while. Once I feel fully accustomed to my buoyancy I start doing laps from the deep end to the shallow end and back again.
I take note the sun is now fully out of sight and decide to get out of the pool. I head back to the shallow end and walk out the same way I came in. Once back to my wrap I put it on and begin pondering what I’m going to do next. No sooner does companionship enter my mind does a fit Spanish man with shoulder length black hair stroll out of the building beyond the covered bar area off of the circular pool.
“Hello,” I say loud enough for him to hear me. I smile as hard as I can at him, noting the bulge in the front of his speedo. His body is a lot harrier than most of the guys I’ve seen today. A bear compared to Brian, but his skin was so closely manicured that comparing anyone else with hair is unfair.
The man turns his attention to me and changes his course to intercept me. We meet halfway down the length of the pool and he extends a hand. I take his hand and he leads me back towards the area he came out of.
“I’m Soraya, where are we going?” I ask, feeling a little strange about going with him into the uninhabited bar area.
He responds in a language I do not understand, though it sounds movingly sexy. He makes eye contact with me and our walk pauses. He says more words I do not understand and has an expression on his face which clearly indicates he hopes for an answer. I don’t have a clue what he said. I try submitting my memory of what he said to translation but even my memory didn’t make it out clear enough to be translated. I decide to link my hearing to the automatic translation system and smile in return, nodding my head in the direction we were previously walking.
“After you,” I say, smiling and looking over his body. Normally I would say he’s highly fit. Compared to Brian, though, he’s a little pudgy. Oh, that’s not fair, comparing anyone to Brian’s body. He nods and says nothing, leading me the rest of the way to the door he came into my life through. The Spanish man opens a door to the side of the bar, revealing a sauna room. I look around and see some personal effects along the far edge of the room which I could imagine belong to this beautiful man.
The moment the door closes he turns and buries his face in my breasts. I barely succeed in holding back laughter as his hair tickles the outsides of my breasts. My left hand goes straight for the front of his speedo, almost desperate to wrap it around a huge member. To my great joy, it feels as if it is not only huge, but all too constrained by the speedo. I slip the tip of a finger under the edge and pull it up and over, allowing him to flop out. It brushes hard across my thigh before I hear it hit his. I eagerly lean to the side to get a look and his cock looks like a brown, and most importantly, real life version of my suction cup dildo. I reach back and unclasp my top which he wastes no time getting to the floor. He sucks on my nipples a little too hard as he rests one hand on my waist and the other starts working on getting his dick harder.
“Today must be my lucky day,” I say in a slight moan. He lifts his head up and makes eye contact with me. He smiles and I understand that he doesn’t understand a word coming out of my mouth. “Oh just fuck me,” I whisper with a sigh. He nods and slips my bottoms down to the floor. Did he understand THAT, though? Maybe he understands me but is worried he’ll say the wrong –
My thoughts are interrupted by being forcibly bent over the edge of the sauna followed without hesitation by a tongue entering my ass. I think about pulling away, never having imagined or wanted a tongue in my ass. How strangely good it feels, I decide to allow it. The feel of his chin bumping and rubbing against my pussy and his short tongue licking around the insides of my asshole arouses me in a slightly different and strongly tangible way.
His hands grab me by my waist as I feel the head of his dick lined up with my fully swollen pussy. He makes a strange grunt that even has an accent, causing me to have to hold back laughter. Oh shit I hope he didn’t notice that, I don’t want to offend him. Dick like that or not. He slides his cock into me slowly and steadily. Once to the base he groans and moves his hands to my ass. He holds my ass, tips of his thumbs near my ass hole and fingertips across the cheeks. He slides out half way and slowly penetrates to the base. Shit, he’s thicker than my toy.
His hands rotate to where his thumbs are still near my cunt but his fingertips are gripping the outsides of my thighs. He grips, thumbs hurting my inner thighs just a little but moistening me more. Shit, am I getting off to being dominated? I would never have guessed – I feel a wave of small gushes of cum start exiting as tingles spread and fade. My pussy feels a little sore but also too good to warrant stopping this any time soon. He leans back and makes some noises I can’t identify as he pumps his meat mammoth into me repeatedly. I stay drenched but am not sure I’ll have an orgasm.
He jams himself all the way in and holds it there while his hands reach for my shoulders. He grabs a shoulder in each hand and I feel moisture that isn’t mine seeping out of me as he pumps all but the last inch or two in and out of me fiercely. It feels damn good but I’m not into it nearly enough to rise to an orgasm.
“Damn your cunt is superb,” I hear translated over his voice. “Get out of here now, I want to relax,” he continues. I stand up and swivel around quickly, glaring at him. He looks up at me with confusion and what appears to be a touch of fear. We stand and stare at each other for a few seconds before I grab my bathing suit, throw it on and hurry out of the room.
I walk to my room and head straight for the shower. I leave my bathing suit on the floor behind me as I step in. Turning the water on I jump as six different sources of water turn on. There are three above me, two behind me and one in front of me. This is different. I realize they placed large bottles of soap, shampoo and conditioner in here and decide to liberally apply all of it all over my body.
Plopping myself down in bed I land halfway in the wet spot and halfway on the dildo. I roll further until I hit dry and fall fast asleep.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I open my eyes and Brian is standing at the left foot of the bed. The Spanish guy is standing at the right foot of the bed. Both of them are naked and fully erect. Brian has a cock the same size as the Spanish guy’s. The Spanish guy looks like he has been working out for months with Brian and now has a well-defined frame, six pack and all.
I throw the covers aside and crawl towards them. They both look at each-other and smile, then back at me. I arrive at the foot of the bed and rise to an upright position on my knees. I put a hand flat and extended on each of their chests. I lean over and bite Brian’s arm. He moves the Spanish guy to the side and pushes me backwards onto the bed. The Spanish guy becomes irritated and starts yelling at Brian in the language I had to translate.
“Follow the fucking plan or go home,” Brian commands in a booming deep voice. The Spanish guy sighs, then smiles. He comes around to the side of the bed to my left as Brian’s lips start working my entire body. He shifts me from the middle of the bed towards the Spanish guy. Spanish brushes his hair behind his ears as I grip his small balls and take his huge dick into the back of my mouth. I feel Brian’s tongue curling up inside me and rubbing my G-Spot with the tip. I fill his lips and mouth with cum instantly, never having had anyone’s tongue be able to reach that before.
Spanish climbs over me fast, showing more agility than he looks capable of. He lays down next to me and grips the base of his cock, holding it straight up in the air. Brian wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me up. I feel myself gushing as my breasts impact his chest and his lips lock on the top of my chest. I close my eyes as he moves me around and lowers me back on the bed. As I get balance on my knees, Brian grabs my waist and moves me a little to the side and down. I feel a huge dick slip into me as Brian breaks physical contact. I feel like I’m slipping down around this huge dick for an eternity before it brushes past my cervix and continues into my brain.
I put my hands on Spanish’s chest and start riding his cock. I feel every ripple and curve of it as it stretches me out ever further. It feels like he gets harder and harder every time I descend down him. I open my eyes and Brian’s equally huge penis is fully erect and right in front of my face. Brian’s balls, though, are bigger than one of my fists. I use one hand to grip the base of Brian’s dick and aim it away from me so I can get one of his balls in my mouth. I feel Spanish squeezing my tits too hard so I dig my fingernails into his hard enough to draw blood.
I sit up straight on Spanish’s cock, feeling like it could tear into my lower abdomen at any time though unwilling to stop grinding on it. For every twinge of pain, huge waves of pleasure wash through my entire body. Each wave travels down my legs and through my feet to my toes. They travel up my chest, to my nipples, through my neck, ears and scalp. Each wave flows down my arms and to every fingertip.
“I want this,” Brian declares softly as his hands take my face gently. I allow him to guide my lips against the head of his dick. I stick my tongue out at him as I make eye contact briefly. Then I use my tongue to lick around his sexily shaped head. I take the head into my mouth and lick as much as I can underneath it. I feel his fingers carefully going through my hair and resting on the sides of my head. I take mental note of the stark contrast between my pale white skin and his smooth black cock. I really wish I had paid more attention to this in his bed. As I massage his balls with one hand and dig my fingernails into Spanish’s chest like they’re his reigns, I feel my first orgasm begin blasting. I slam myself down around Spanish’s cock and hold steady as his hand squeeze my tits too hard. He tries fucking me from beneath as I feel his chest’s blood spreading on my fingertips. Spanish shouts in pain as I get Brian deeper in my mouth.
“Fuck me you bitch,” I demand, pulling my fingernails out of Spanish and patting him on the chest. He moves his hands from my tits to my waist and digs them in hard. He lifts me a few inches off of him, then holds me still. He starts pounding himself into me causing me to cum repeatedly. In the excitement I start digging my fingernails into his other pec and start working Brian into my throat. I look up at Brian and he’s locked in eye contact with me, mouth partially open and looking pretty close to orgasm based on his expression. I pull my fingernails out of Spanish to start massaging Brian’s balls. Spanish pulls me down around him and bucks around, getting off as his juices join mine running down around him.
“No, I’m not even close,” Brian reveals. He turns and looks at Spanish, nodding a few times before pulling himself out of my mouth. Spanish lifts me high enough to shift himself out of me. Brian pulls me up and into the air. I feel a rush of adrenaline as he swings me in a way that sends my midsection towards him. Swinging my legs out of the way to not crash mine into his, they naturally end up wrapped around him. His dick like a bike seat underneath me, he walks around the bed for a moment as Spanish gets up and wipes his dick off. Is Spanish done? As soon as I think that I notice him throwing a condom in the trash and putting another one on. Oh, hello there. Didn’t even notice he had a condom on! Nice!
Brian, still holding me, gets on his back so my knees land on either side of him. He has a hand on my lower back and is reaching down to grip the base of his dick. Before he can do that I am already around him. I sit up straight and start pounding him into me hard and repeatedly. For a moment I forget Spanish even exists as I put myself up straight. I put one hand spread out on his eight pack and the other reaching behind me to massage his balls. I grind and bounce up and down his rock hard cock in a way that makes my breasts sway to one side, drop, sway back and rise in what must look like half a helicopter. I notice Brian’s hand that was going for his dick is still floating midair to my side where it was when I got him inside me without either of us touching it. He notices too and moves it onto my lower stomach. His thumb rubs circles around my clit without making much direct contact.
Every time his thumb circles around the top of my clit and over my U-Spot I feel myself pumping around his dick and more cum flowing out of me. He does it faster and faster as an orgasm starts building where it once was before with Spanish’s pain and pleasure waves. Oh yeah, Spanish. Shit. I look over and Spanish is slowly massaging his dick and staring at Brian impatiently. Brian is glaring at him in a commanding fashion. I smile with the comfort Brian having this level of control over Spanish gives me. I grind faster as the orgasm builds at twice the speed and explodes through me. Instead of repeated waves traveling to every inch of me, a steady explosion causes me to lose control of my limbs and start to fall forward. Brian moves his hands to my breasts to stop my descent. He carefully positions me down on top of him and wraps his arms around me to hold me steady. He fucks me hard and steadily from beneath as the orgasm assaults me to the point of starting to go numb.
As the numbness fades it is replaced with sheer pleasure. I am able to control my limbs again and try to push myself up a little to relieve Brian of my weight. I join his thrusts in enhancing grinds as I see him gritting his jaw. I start fucking him hard and fast as he takes his turn falling down orgasm mountain. I lean forward and bite his jawline as softly as I can, though harder than I intend to. He yells out in what sounds like a mix of pleasure and pain as I feel his cock waving forward and back inside me. I try to flex my cunt muscles in rhythm to maximize his orgasm as his yells turn to fairly solid screams. I set up straight and grind him deep into me as his cock keeps shifting around inside me. His yells lessen at the rate his dick activity lessens. His arms are now above his head as he tries to catch his breath.
Filled with a feeling of accomplishment I lean back forward, pressing my breasts against his amazing chest. I lick from his chin up the right side of his jawline to his ear. I nibble on his ear and feel his arms wrap as far around me as he can without disturbing my writhing on top of him. I lick back down to his chin and up the other side to his ear. He jerks his head so we are face to face and we begin kissing passionately. I slowly ride up and down his dick, pussy sore as hell, but too much emotional and physical pleasure to care.
Suddenly I am reminded Spanish is still here as I feel the head of his dick knocking at my back door. I break the kiss with Brian and go to move away but he and Brian grab my waist at the same time. Brian thrusts into me and holds me down around him as Spanish slowly slips into my ass. There is a sharp pain as I resist. Relax, relax remember? All those first timer videos I stream from the surface, remember? Relax.
My self coaching works as I relax every muscle in my body hoping I loosen the right ones. Spanish has no trouble getting the rest of the way into my ass. His grip lessons on my waist as Brian’s hands move to massage my breasts. He leans up and gets my lips, bringing me back into a kiss. Brian’s dick stationary and Spanish’s slowly moving in and out makes me feel like both of them are fucking me at a moderate pace. I try to force my analyzing this out of my head as I cum several times back to back. I break the kiss with Brian as I try to breathe. He takes to kissing my neck and shoulders which sends me into another series of cumming.
“Do you want this to keep going?” Brian asks with a look of concern on his face.
“More fucking, less talking,” I demand in a rougher tone than I set out to use. Brian’s face falls stern and he nods, gripping both breasts fairly hard. He leans and nods to Spanish. I feel Brian’s hips start moving up and down a little as Spanish moves his hands to the sides of my hips. He grips them hard as he starts fucking me in the ass as hard and fast as Brian was fucking me from underneath earlier.
I don’t feel another orgasm building but the level to which liquid is coming out of me makes me add up all the liquids I’ve had today in my head. I feel a clitoral orgasm start as my legs are no longer part of this equation. Spanish has me lifted up a little by my hips to get a better angle into my ass and how hard Brian is gripping my breasts has my torso weight supported. The sheer amount of being filled this much sets off a second clitoral orgasm as soon as the first one ends. Flashes of Brian’s orgasm face and me trying to work out the physics of two clitoral orgasms in a row distracts me long enough that I don’t notice Spanish going halfway limp. Even half hard his cock is stretching me out and forcing Brian’s around inside me to keep the flow of cum out of me constant.
“You boys are too good to me,” I gasp, almost entirely out of breath. Spanish slaps my ass really hard, causing me to scream out in pain. Brian carefully slides himself out of me. He forcefully moves me to the side, causing Spanish’s half hard dick to flip out of me to the side. I land on my side facing them as Brian jumps up and punches Spanish in the jaw. Spanish collapses backwards onto the foot of the bed and cradles his face with both hands. Brian punches him again in the face, crushing one of his hands between his fist and Spanish’s jaw. Spanish cradles the hand that got punched with his other hand as Brian swings again.
I feel another rush of adrenaline as I motion to Brian to bend Spanish over. He does so, pinning him down over the foot of the bed. Brian gives me a strange look as I run over to my bag with the sex toys in it, now sitting on the kitchen counter. I grab the suction cup dildo that’s almost as big as their dicks and run over to them. Once I get there I drop the dildo on the bed next to Spanish who is still gripping his jaw. I grab my tits and hold them to make them stop shaking everywhere quicker. I look at Brian and he has a large grin across his face.
I grab the dildo and put my leg up on the bed.
“No, don’t lube it first, do it without lube,” Brian instructs. My eyes light up as I realize Brian is right. Spanish only now realizes what’s going on and starts trying to get away. Brian jumps up on the bed and sits on him while holding both of his arms down. I get behind Spanish and drop to the floor, pinning his knees to the ground and holding his legs under my weight.
Without missing a beat I line up and force the dildo into Spanish’s ass. Unlike me, he doesn’t loosen his tenseness at all. I have to shift weight to pushing it further in and almost slip off of his legs. Spanish tries to take advantage of this, causing Brian to punch him in the back of his head. Spanish passes out just long enough to allow me time to get the dildo base deep into his ass. He comes to and starts yelling as I grip the suction cup and fuck him hard in the ass. Every so often I’ll slap his balls as hard as I can.
“I’ll kill both of you,” Spanish yells.
“Oh, now you know English motherfucker?” Brian shouts. He jumps off of Spanish and resumes punching him in the face. This time he swings with one fist after the other until Spanish has blood all over the bed and passes back out.
I stood up at some point and am now facing them a few feet back from the bed, dildo in hand. Brian turns to face me, hands covered in blood. I see he has some splattered on his chest and face as well. His face looks furious as he locks eye contact with me. Oh shit, what is he – My thoughts are interrupted by him leaping across the room at me, arms reaching out menacingly.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I sit up in bed, sheets moist with sweat and saturated with cum underneath my midsection. I look around and realize it’s still pitch black outside. I mentally access the time and realize it’s a little after 2am. I catch my breath and look around the suite. I climb out of bed and wander around the suite naked, checking all the doors and windows. Everything seems to be in order. I really should go back to sleep.
I feel around on the bed seeking out a dry spot. As there doesn’t seem to be one I decide to lay down on the couch across the suite. Moments later I am drifting off to sleep, fully naked on the couch.

What the fuck?

I can’t get through this

Send help

best way to catch you up?

This man has been risking his life for me… but he will be dead someday so it will be my turn.

her name is ‘crossing if hooked any… 1217’ she crossed a child molester at least? I haven’t gone further.. science!

The Strange Story

When i was a teenager, for a chunk of time… Mostly in the summer I was 17… I found myself in a situation that people don’t really believe upon first hearing. This is going to be highly perverted, and weird, and maybe unbelievable. But that’s fine.

i happened to date somebody who’s a super social butterfly, and has gone to school at every major school in the town i grew up in. (3 high schools and a midway school thing) – and she was also a sexually active person so she’d been around before i got to her, and a lot after i got to her. apparently i did REALLY WELL with her. i don’t think it’s bragging because i was always obsessed with sex, but our first time i went for 3 hours that night and an hour and a half again the next morning. that and when i was skinny, my shit passed 8 inches easy, and thick too. it made an impression on her and she talked about me all the time. how do i know this?

All too often, I would meet people and when they heard my name they would ask, are you the same Erik Smith who dated Susan? Yes. And from that point, it was pretty much my call if I wanted to fuck or not. Why?

She told people a lot of shit a lot of the time. And one of the subjects she brought up in her mess of just talking and talking and talking, was me. She brought up how we first had sex, how it was, how often we did it after, all the crazy and stupid places we did it, and repeatedly referenced my dick. I heard stories relayed that I don’t remember even happening, but the description she gave everybody of my dick was pretty spot on.

This being said, this whole strange story I’m posting really started during a party at a friend’s house. It was late, a bunch of us were sitting around a living room talking, and per usual I was the only guy in the group. I’ve always been comfortable around girls and not so much around the majority of guys. I was raised by my grandma, and some by my mom. All my neighbors I spent all my years growing up with were girls, and the only guy in the area was a total piece of shit. So I was always comfortable with girls.

Additionally, a few of the girls were naked all the time. There was a pool in the back yard. We were all drinking all the time. But I never took my pants/shorts off. Why? I’m a grower and I hadn’t yet realized how truly above average I was, down there. For example, mine measured a touch over 8 inches (the male ego. i don’t just say 8 inches, because it was a couple millimeters beyond that several times, measured from the top base to the tip, not the much longer underside. insertable.) and consistently 7.5 inches around the base. circumference, measured with a tape measure. now, here is a list of porn stars and their measurements. I guess I should mention, I also did a handfull of home videos of just me being solo, because one of the people who found out about me offered $75 a pop for what I knew would be distributed around a gay porn distributor. Whatever. $75 a pop just to film myself going solo? yeah. In the late 90s, I definitely did that.

So, one night they were talking about boyfriends and exes and horrible sexual partners and they kept shooting side eyes at me. The close friend of mine who was there was like “Erik, show us yours, we hear rumors and want to see if it’s true.” Some people say it was weird but I can’t stress enough how naked people were there and I didn’t care, and they didn’t care, and if anything I was the weird one who wasn’t also naked a lot.

I was like no, I’m a grower and I’m not comfortable showing it off unless it’s hard. One of the people (who knows I was totally attracted to them, and teased me about it which I never complained about) – she said we could drop into one of the bedrooms and she’d get me hard then call them in. I was like fuck yeah you can get me hard, let’s go do that. So she did, and she used her mouth, and per usual for me her teeth came in contact A LOT. I don’t complain about it because I’m aware I’m thick. Alright? I know. I don’t hold it against anyone. But it complicated the getting hard process and it took her a few minutes to get it fully hard because at first her teeth kept nailing it and it would I don’t know… mostly retreat I guess.

So she got them and they came in and blah blah blah. Further ego inflation I didn’t need. She apologized off and on through the night about scraping so much and I told her please don’t worry about it. Around lunch the next day she asked me if she could try again after everybody left and I was really hesitant but like I said I was super into her and I was like, ok fine. Wasn’t very eventful but she got better as she worked with it. No sex though, because I was raised lutheran and I was at early stages of transitioning from a believer to atheist and I was still programmed with a lot of “OMG GOD GONNA BE MAD AT YOU IF YOU FUCK BEFORE MARRIAGE BLAH BLAH BLAH SANCTITY BLAH BLAH BLAH” …. so I was stingy with who I actually fucked and I kept it to just a head thing. She didn’t mind because I got her off in return every time after that just getting me hard first time.

So skip a few parties ahead, she pulls me aside with one of her friends and was like, “listen. I told her about what you did for me and she is dating a new guy who wants head but she’s super super nervous about it and doesn’t want to disappoint. I told her you might let her practice on you, and she’s been practicing on her toy at home and thinks she’d be ok but wanted the challenge of one your size.” I looked at her friend (who did have a super cute face after all) and was like ….. ok… it did feel really weird but she was WAY, WAY better than her friend at it. clearly practicing. Still teeth though, but far better.

From there it turned into a combination of people bringing it up and it became a challenge among that rather large group of friends. Who could do it without scraping? Who could get me off the hardest or fastest or both? And towards the end, who could get me to break and actually fuck them? (in the end, 2 of them got me to break with both of them at the same time – a long story in itself)

but that’s how i became blowjob practice / challenge for people when I was young. and I didn’t know how easily STI/STDs can jump around back then or I never would have. I never popped positive and never heard of passing any to anyone in my entire life, and got tested A LOT because of something early on that was just trolling me and not actually real. I definitely got lucky. Way too much good luck overall. Genetically and socially.